Successful Bar Secrets is a downloadable hospitality management resource designed to increase customer service, productivity and profitability in any hospitality venue. The package is instantly downloadable and is covered by a sixty day money back guarantee.


Successful Bar Secrets
Manual & Template Pack


Successful Bar Secrets is an exclusive, downloadable PDF manual designed to help bar owners and operators increase customer service, productivity and therefore profitability in their venues. The manual covers high-level strategies and actionable tactics tailored to the hospitality industry.


The instantly accessible, downloadable package includes:


  • 256 proven tips to help you run your establishment more profitably.
  • 20 Chapters covering everything from building a shining reputation to reducing beer spillage.
  • An Operations Manual Template (containing over 40 customizable checklists) designed to bring organization and consistency to your establishment.


The manual has been written with a practical approach to bar management, and comes with a condensed ‘cheat sheet’ containing all 256 tips and tricks for fast reading.


Everything in Successful Bar Secrets will help you generate more revenue and profit… whether you’re totally new to the industry or a 40 year veteran.


Hospitality Consulting Services

Successful Bar Secrets creator Chad Stanton is now offering hourly or daily consulting sessions designed to identify strategic and tactical operational levers for producing higher levels of customer service, productivity and therefore profitability in any venue type.

“Alongside offering Successful Bar Secrets as a downloadable hospitality management package, I’m offering hourly and daily consulting sessions designed to help venue operators increase customer service, productivity, and therefore profitability in their venues.


In my sessions I cover everything I’ve discussed in my manual, plus an analysis of a venue’s critical systems, core offering and strategic service delivery. After a session I’ll present a detailed, customised action plan containing strategic and tactical recommendations.


I’ll look at internal processes and implement a customised ‘operations manual’ designed to document and streamline the venue’s internal operations, resulting in a premium customer experience and ceiling profitability. I’ll help venue operators build loyal and profitable relationships between their venue and their customer base”.


Successful Bar Secrets’ methodology pivots around the optimisation of three main elements:

  • Customer Service,
  • Productivity, and
  • Profitability.
You have two options: access my strategies via the Successful Bar Secrets downloadable package, or work with me in telephone or face to face consulting sessions:


Three Hour Phone Session

$999 per session, via telephone
    • Analysis of Pricing Strategy
    • ‘Consumer Relationship’ Audit & Strategies
    • Online/Offline Marketing Mix Audit
    • High Level Strategic Action Plan
    • "Quick Win" strategies designed to increase customer service, productivity and therefore profitability
    • Copy of Successful Bar Secrets

One Day Strategy Session

$8999 per day, face to face
    • All items from Phone Session
    • Hands-on, Diagnostic Health Check of Systems & Procedures
    • Customised Operations Manual, Printed In Folder
    • Strategic & Tactical Action Plan
    • One Month Follow Up Call


This vital choice is yours to make…


Right now you have a simple choice. Your establishment can continue to be slow, inconsistent, and problematic…and you can wonder why everyone else is busy…




You can make some changes, join the ranks of the profitable establishments, increase the value of your business, and…


  • Increase revenue dramatically
  • Become a thriving spot
  • Keep those highly motivated employees
  • Get organized
  • Become consistent
  • Turn your establishment into a well-oiled money-making machine


We can talk over the phone in a three hour phone session, meet face to face in a strategy day or you can download all of my strategies (in the Successful Bar Secrets package) with confidence as you are protected by a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.


Strategies I discuss in Successful Bar Secrets or my strategy sessions allow me to:


  • Minimize the time spent running the business,
  • Spend plenty of time with friends and family,
  • Find and keep the top bartenders and staff,
  • Replace chaos with consistency,
  • Make marketing a lot easier,
  • Get deals from suppliers,
  • Create sanity in my life,
  • Reduce drink costs,
  • Reduce food costs,




  • Maximize revenue and profits.

Available for immediate, secure download


If you want 256 hospitality management tips that will help you increase customer service, productivity and profitability in your venue… then you’ll benefit from Successful Bar Secrets.



To Your Hospitality Success,


Chad B. Stanton





P.S. The biggest value of Successful Bar Secrets: When you increase revenue and improve profitability, the value of your establishment can increase… making it significantly more attractive to a buyer. This could hand mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket.


P.P.S. these 256 tips and 20 chapters will help you, whatever your establishment type:


  • Bar
  • Pub
  • Restaurant
  • Nightclub
  • Country Club
  • Private Club
  • Wine Bar
  • Cigar Bar

P.P.P.S. Here’s a run-down of what you get in Successful Bar Secrets:

  • The ‘Profitability Pyramid’ and how it can transform your venue. Page 12.
  • The seven essential elements of a brilliant and highly profitable barPage 105.
  • Seven qualities which will assist in the promotion of positive feelings and opinions towards your establishment. Page 50.
  • How to get functions and events in the door and make them extremely profitablePage 51.
  • What to discuss at weekly meetingsmonthly meetings, and quarterly meetingsPage 55.
  • 17 keys to a website that actually makes you money. Pages 64-66.
  • Why you must monitor social media like Facebook. Page 70.
  • Six ways to use social media to your advantagePage 71.
  • How to use a giveaway for superb marketing impactPage 75.
  • What it takes to be completely ready for a busy shift—so it runs smoothlyPage 78.
  • How to market effectively—without wasting money on advertising that never works. Page 57.
  • The truth about creating a strong and solid reputation—and keeping it positive. Page 20.
  • constructive way to deal with troublesome staffPage 82.
  • Seven ways to enhance your reputationPage 23.
  • 16 ways to reduce spillagetheft, and wastePage 86.
  • simple way to reduce spirit costs and get drinks suppliers battling for your businessPage 89.
  • fun way to improve staff moralePage 85.
  • Three ways to collect hundreds of email addresses so you can use inexpensive email instead of expensive postagePage 69.
  • The difference between being a manager and a leader and how being a leader can make your life significantly easierpage 4.
  • The power of cross-training and how it can get you out of a bind. Page 39.
  • 13 ways to build a positive staff culturePage 26.
  • The easy and simple way to ensure you maintain wet and dry stockPage 29.
  • How to track key performance indicators like entertainment costs and gross profit marginPage 32.
  • The key to getting staff to upsell—and create additional revenuePage 38.
  • Over 65 characteristics of a seriously good professional bartenderPages 43-46.


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